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Nikon Sportstar EX 10x25DCF Binoculars Review 2017 – 2018

All You Need To Know About The Nikon Sportstar EX 10x25DCF Binoculars

Are you looking for comfortable, clear and durable binoculars which offer both a wide field of view and close focusing? Read on to learn about the Nikon Sportstar EX!

Water-Loving Binoculars

Not sure why you’d want to, but if you do choose to submerge the Nikon Sportstar EX binoculars (learn more here!) in 2m of water they’ll be fine for up to 5 minutes.

These binoculars were built to withstand unexpected weather, accidental water bottle leakages and even being dropped in the river, so you won’t have to worry about wrapping them in cotton wool.

Fog Be Gone!

The Nikon Sportstar EX binoculars are fog-proof. Utilising Nitrogen gas and O-ring seals, these binoculars stop fog from building up inside the lens. The O-rings prevent dirt and dust from building up on the lens for durable, long lasting use.

Magnify The World

The Nikon Sportstar binoculars have 10x magnification, meaning they can make your subjects appear 10 times closer than they would with the naked eye.

You’ll need a steady hand, but 10x magnification is a great choice if you’re doing a lot of long-distance viewing and if you want to see more details from further away.

Let The Light In!

Featuring 25mm objective lenses diameter, excellent quality roof prisms and multilayer coated lenses, the Nikon Sportstar EX binoculars have been designed to capture and utilise as much light as possible.

The large objective lens is gathers extra light, while the multilayer coating ensures minimum reflection, thus ensuring that you can see bright, vivid images even in bad lighting.

Wide And Close Distance Viewing

The Nikon Sportstar EX has a wide field of view which lets you see more of the area surrounding your subject. A wide field of view is great for watching multiple subjects at the same time, such as wildlife or sports, as well as fast moving objects.

If you want to observe a closer subject in intricate detail, such as a bug or bird, then you’ll need good close-focusing distance on your binoculars.

The Nikon SPortstar EX comes with a 3.5m close-focusing distance, allowing you to get an even closer look.  

Catering To Your Eyesight

Nikon understands that not all eyes are the same, which is why these binoculars were designed to work with different eye sights and eye needs.

Featuring a twist-type dioptre ring, these binoculars allows you to manually adjust the focus for each eye to give yourself the best overall image.

If you wear glasses, the turn and slide rubber eyecups can be adjusted to accommodate the specs without limiting your vision.

Ultimate Comfort

These ergonomically designed binoculars are covered with rubber armour to give you the firmest grip possible, even in adverse weather.

The central focus wheel is user friendly, nicely positioned for quick use and can be adjusted quickly and easily.

Fold It Up

No one wants to carry a special binocular case all the time because they’re model is too big to be slipped into a pocket.  

Luckily, the Nikon Sportstar EX binoculars have a fold-up design which allows you to fold the binoculars after use, allowing you to pop them in your pocket for quick and easy transportation.

Safety First

The Nikon Sportstar EX binoculars use eco-friendly glass and they are totally free of lead and arsenic, so you can feel safe in the knowledge that your binoculars were built for the modern age.


Features: Waterproof – Fogproof – 10x Magnification – 25mm Objective Lens Diameter – Wide Field OF Vision –  3.5mm Close Focusing Distance – Ergonomic Design – Dipotre Ring- Fold-Up Model – Eco Friendly.

Pricing: Mid-Range


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Swarovski CL Pocket 8X25 Binoculars Review 2017 – 2018

Product Review: All You Need To Know About The Swarovski CL Pocket Binoculars

Are you looking for a pair of compact, powerful and high-end roof prism binoculars that are suitable for all the family? Read on to find out more about the Swarovski CL pocket binoculars!

Compact Binoculars

The problem with compact binoculars is that a lot of the time they’re too small.  They’re not comfortable to hold in your hand, the eyecups are often too small, and everything’s just too close together for comfort.

It doesn’t have to be like that, however. The Swarvoski CL binoculars (learn more here!) are small enough to fit in your pocket or purse, but it also has a large enough bridge surface which makes it more comfortable to hold.

My, What Big Eyecups You Have

Just because these binoculars are compact doesn’t mean everything has to be tiny. Small, uncomfortable eyecups are a common complaint in compact binoculars, but the Swarovski 8×25 CL pocket model comes with big eyecups which will rest comfortable against your skin.

Kid-Friendly Binoculars

With an interpupillary distance ranging from 1.9 to 2.9 inches, these binoculars are suitable for children and adults no matter how close or far apart their eyes are.

Magnify Your World

The magnification number on your binoculars lets you know how much closer objects will appear through your lens. Binoculars with 8x magnification will bring your subjects 8x closer through the binoculars than they would appear with the naked eye.

While large magnification numbers are important for astronomy, anything over 10x magnification can be tricky because they will amplify your hand movements. If your hands are unsteady, the binoculars are likely to go out of focus.

The Swarvoski CL pocket binoculars have 8x magnification, which is ideal for most activities. Most hobbies that binoculars are used for, such as bird watching, wildlife observation, sports and theatre viewing and hunting, only need between 7 and 10x magnification.

See The World

Your binoculars field of view is measured in degrees and it shows you how wide your image will be through the eye pieces.

If you want to see a larger picture through your binoculars, for example if you’re observing wildlife or watching fast-moving subjects, then you’ll want a larger field of view.

The Swarvoski CL binoculars have a 52-degree apparent field of view and 6.8 degree real field of view, making them the ideal binoculars for most activities.

Relieve Those Eyes

Eye relief is very important for eyeglass wearers. The eye relief number on your binoculars refers to how far away your eye can be from the eyepiece before it stops being able to see the full image. People who wear glasses need that extra space to accommodate their specs.

The Swarvoski CL binoculars come with 1.7 cm eye relief, which should be able to accommodate most glasses.

Ergonomic Focus

A comfortable, user-friendly centre focus knob is a key component of any good pair of binoculars. You should be able to adjust the focus without any faffing about so you can spend your time focusing on your subjects.

The Swarovski CL binoculars come with a respective, ergonomic centre focus knob which will have you gazing at beautiful birds or the beautiful game with perfect clarity in no time.

No More Fog

The Swarviski CL pocket binoculars use nitrogen to stop fog ruining your view (and the lens) of your binoculars. The Swarovski 8×25 model is also dustproof, dirtproof and water resistant, which is just what you would expect from such a well-known binocular brand.


Features: Compact – Large Eyecups -Large Interpupillary Distance Range – 8X Magnification – Large Field Of View – Large Eye Relief – Ergonomic Centre Focus Wheel – Fogproof.

Pricing: High End


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Bushnell Natureview 8×42 Binocular Review 2017 – 2018

Review: Everything You Need To Know About The Bushnell Natureview Binoculars

Are you a nature lover looking for a new pair of binoculars to observe animals and birds in their natural habitat?

Whether you’re embarking on a sightseeing safari or staying closer to home, the Bushnell Natureview binoculars are a great choice for nature lovers of all ages.

Perfect For Long Journeys

No one wants to set off on a hike, a safari or a camping trip only to be weighed down by their binoculars.

If you need to carry your binoculars around with you for long periods of time, you’ll need a light and compact model that won’t get annoying after the first hour of your journey.

Weighing just 1.03 kilograms and measuring at just 3.06 inches in height, the Bushnell Natureview binoculars (learn more here!) are light, compact and perfect for long journeys.

Bring The World Closer

A binoculars magnification number lets you know how much closer your subjects will appear to be when you use the binoculars.

The Bushnell Natureview binoculars have 8x magnification, so your subjects will appear 8 times closer than they really are.

It’s important not to have too much magnification. While you might assume that the higher a magnification number the binoculars have the better the results will be, in reality magnification numbers that are 11x or higher will amplify the slightest hand movements and often result in a grainy, poor image.

Unless you want to use your binoculars for star gazing, it’s best to stick to binoculars that have a magnification number between 5 and 11.

Clearer, Brighter Images

The lenses in your binoculars gather light to create clear images, but some of that light gets reflected off the lenses and out of the binoculars.

When light is reflected, you lose some of the light and your images are not as bright as they could be.

Many binoculars, including the Bushnell Natureview model, utilise multi-coated optics to minimise reflection. This allows the binoculars to gather more light so they can give you brighter, better images.

User Friendly

No one wants a confusing, fiddly pair of binoculars that are hard to focus. Un-focused binoculars are pretty much useless if you want precise, details observations.

The Bushnell Natureview binoculars come with a textured centre-focus knob which is super easy and straight forward to use. This knob will let you adjust the focus for both eyes at once, so you will be able to see clearly in no time.

No Shocks!

There’s no point in buying flimsy, poorly made binoculars which shock you and slip out of your hands all the time.

The Bushnell Natureview binoculars have a rugged, non-slip armour made out of durable rubber which is both long lasting and shock absorption.

This will make the whole viewing process safer, easier and much more comfortable.


We can’t control the weather (or accidental water spillage in your bag), so you don’t want to buy a pair of binoculars which break at the first sign of rain.

The Bushnell Natureview binoculars are both waterproof and fogproof.

These features will protect the binoculars from excess moisture, which makes them longer lasting, plus the fogproof element will stop the lenses misting up, which makes viewing much easier for you!


Features: Lightweight – Compact – 8X Magnification – Fully Multi-Coated Optics – User Friendly Central Focusing Wheel – Non Slip Rubber Armour Body – Fogproof – Waterproof

Pricing: High End


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Bresser 8×40 Hunter Binoculars Review 2017 – 2018

Product Review: All you need to know about the Bresser Binoculars Hunter

Are you looking for a pair of affordable binoculars with good magnification, a decent field of view and the capacity to be mounted on a tripod? The Bresser Binoculars are a great choice for beginners, wild-life enthusiasts, bird-watchers, sports observers, hunters and more.

All The Magnification

Magnification is an important thing to consider when buying binoculars because it effects how well you can view your subjects.

The magnification number lets you know how close the binoculars will bring you to your subject. For example, 8x magnification will bring the subject 8 times closer to you and so on.

You might assume that the more magnification capability a pair of binoculars has the better they will operate, but magnifications of 11x or higher can actually hinder the binoculars performance because it won’t just amplify the subject, it will also amplify the smallest of hand movements.

If your hands shake or even twitch, it could bring your whole image out of focus. Super magnified objects may also lack the clarity that you need to see specific details, plus higher magnifications will limit the field of view.

Anything between 7-10x magnification is a good choice, so the Bresser Binoculars 8x magnification (learn more here!) will be fine for most hobbies.

Compact & Lightweight Binoculars

Weighing just 0.74 kg, these compact binoculars won’t get in the way of hiking, camping and other outdoor activities.

They are small enough to fit in your bag, they won’t weigh you down and they’re light enough to hold for extended periods of time without causing excess strain.

It’s All About The Wheel

When it comes to focusing your binoculars, you don’t want a complicated, dual-eye system which takes up loads of time.

These days, most binoculars come with a centre focusing wheel which lets you focus both eyes simultaneously.

The Bresser Binocular’s come with a central focusing wheel which allows you to easily focus both eyes until your image is perfectly in focus.

Catering To YOUR Eyesight

Centre focus wheels are all well and good, but what if you have different eyesight requirements in each eye?

The Bresser binoculars come with a diopter adjuster, which allows you to focus each eye manually.

This lets you customise the binocular focus to suit your personal eye sight requirements.

Don’t Let The Light Get Away!

When you buy binoculars, you’ll want them to be able to capture as much light as possible so you can have clear, bright images.

In any binocular lens, some of the light is reflected from one lens to the other and it gets away, leaving you with a dimmer image.

Luckily, many binoculars come with coated lenses which decrease surface reflection losses and increases the transmission of light so your images are clear, bright and accurate.

The Bresser binoculars come with fully coated lenses, which will improve your viewing quality and stop that all important light from getting away.

Tripod Adaptable

Even the lightest binoculars in the world can feel heavy and tiring when you’ve been holding them for too long.

When you want to settle in for a long viewing session, it’s a good idea to have a pair of binoculars that can be mounted onto a tripod for easier, longer viewing.

The Bresser binoculars come with a tripod adapter thread, which allows you to connect the binoculars to a standard tripod.

Strong Body

No one wants a pair of flimsy, breakable binoculars that only last a few months.

The Bresser Binoculars are made out of strong, black rubber armour which protects the body from scratches, dents and other problems, making sure these binoculars last for a long time.

Extra Goodies

The Bresser binoculars come with a free nylon bag which you can use to transport the binoculars from a to b.

They also come with protective eyepiece caps, which stops dirt, dust and other nasties getting onto the lens, and the Bresser binoculars come with a manual which will answer any questions you may have.


Features:  8x Magnification – Compact – Lightweight – Centre Focus Wheel – Diopter Adjustment – Fully Coated Lenses – Tripod Adapter – Robust Body – Free Bag.

Pricing: Affordable


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Celestron Travel Scope 70 Review 2017 – 2018

Celestron 21035 70 Telescope

Do you want to see the stars, gaze at far-away galaxies and maybe even spot an alien or two? Whether you’re a pro-star gazer or a nebula novice, this user-friendly telescope will help you see further.


Searching for the perfect telescope can take a lot of time and effort, but luckily for you we are have compiled a list of all the Celstron 21035’s features so you can make an informed decision.


Most telescopes are fine for star-gazing in the back garden, but what if you want to use your telescope somewhere else?

Maybe you want to join an astronomers club and learn more about space, or perhaps you want to take the telescope on a trip or even abroad to get a different perspective of space.

Some telescopes are a nightmare to lug around and there’s no guarantee it will fit in a regular bag, but the Celstron 2135 (learn more here!) comes with a custom-made backpack which has been specially designed to fit the telescope and tripod.

These backpacks, which are made out of durable canvas material, will make it much easier for to take your telescope out of the back garden and into the world, allowing you to search the heavens wherever your heart decides.

Tool-Free Assembly

This travel-scope can be assembled in minutes and doesn’t require any knowledge of DIY. In fact, this telescope doesn’t even require tools!

If screw drivers make you feel uneasy and you’re more likely to hammer your hand then a nail, this super-accessible telescope will make your life much easier.


The Celestron 21035 comes with an adjustable tripod which can be altered for comfortable, personalised viewing.

You can extend the tripod to full height for standing observations, collapse it quickly and easily for easy transportation, or adjust it to fit on a bench or table so you can sit while you observe.


The Celestron Travel-scope is a refractor-style telescope, which means it uses glass lens as its objective to bend (or refract) light. Refractor telescopes have steady, sharp images and stay cleaner for longer.


A telescopes aperture refers to a small hole in the lens which allows light to travel into the telescope.

You can adjust the aperture to change how the light affects your image; more light may make it harder to see objects during the day, but it will make it easier when it gets darker. The Celestron Travel-scope has a 2.76 inch aperture (70 mm).

Focal Length

A telescope’s ‘focal length’ refers to the distance between your telescopes primary lens and the point where light comes into focus.

Your telescope’s focal length will help you determine the telescopes magnification powers. The Celestron 21305 comes with a 400-mm focal length.

SkyX Astronomy Software

This telescope comes with free astronomy software to help you learn more about space, the stars and the art of astronomy.

The software includes a 10,000-object database which helps you learn more about the heavens, it includes printable sky maps so you can follow constellations, and it has 75 enhanced images with zoom capability which will be fun and educational for the whole family.


Features: Travel Friendly, Free Backpack, Easy Assembly, Adjustable Tripod, Refractor Telescope, 70 mm Aperture, 400 mm Focal Length, SkyX Astronomy Software.

Pricing: Mid-Range/Affordable


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What Makes Binoculars Powerful? This Guide Explains It All!

Are you looking for high-end, great quality, super powerful binoculars that will make it look like you’re standing next to the moons craters, or wild animals, or particularly colourful birds?

What does the word ‘powerful’ mean in relation to binoculars? Does it mean magnification, aperture, or quality of image?

When you’re shopping for binoculars, it’s important not to be sucked into buzz words that have no real meaning.

Read on to find out what different factors make a pair of binoculars ‘powerful’ and what features you’ll need for a great viewing experience.


Does a large magnification capacity make a pair of binoculars powerful? A binoculars magnification number refers to how much the binoculars are able to magnify a subject and how close the binoculars can make that subject appear.

For example, a magnification of 10x would make the subject appear 10x closer than they actually are.

While magnifying objects is a huge part of what binoculars are used for, you don’t necessarily want a pair of binoculars which can magnify subjects more than 12x.

Anything more than that will amplify hand movements, so if your hand shakes the image will become blurry. Unless you have a tripod, you should be fine with higher than 6 but lower than 13.

Objective Lens Size

The objective size of your lens has a huge impact on how powerful the binoculars are.  This is because the bigger the diameter of the lens, the more light can get into the binoculars and amplify the image.

This isn’t that important in sunny weather (in fact, too much light will make it more difficult to see the subject), but it is very important in darker situations because it will make the images appear much brighter.

Ideally, your objective lens diameter should measure between 8×25 and 8×40 if you’re planning on using the binoculars in the evening.

Field Of View

Does a larger field of view make your binoculars more powerful? It certainly helps!

Your binoculars field of view refers to the diameter of the area that you can see through the lens. Measured in degrees, this number tells you how much you’ll be able to see through the binoculars. If you want to magnify large areas, you’ll want to buy binoculars with a larger field of view.

Water & Fog Proof

Binoculars that fog up easily or get damaged by rain are not particularly powerful. There are many binoculars on the market which are waterproof, water resistant and/or fog-proof.

Waterproof binoculars often include O-rings, which are sealed to protect the lens from water, dirt, dust and other substances that could damage the binoculars.

Water proof binoculars are more powerful than water resistant models, because they are better able to deal with submersion and heavy rain.

Fog proof binoculars use gas to stop the lenses steaming over. Not only does this stop the fog from hampering your vision, but it also protects the lenses from getting damaged by condensation.


There’s no point buying a pair of binoculars with huge magnification abilities, a large field of view, a gigantic objective lens and a water repellent exterior if they are not made out of durable, rugged material that is built to last.

Many binoculars also come with rubber armour which protects the exterior and makes the binoculars more comfortable and slip resistant.


What makes binoculars powerful? It depends on what you mean by power. Binoculars that have more magnification power can bring your subjects even closer, but too much magnification power ruins the quality of your image.

A large objective lens diameter lets lighter in for better, brighter images, but this isn’t as much of an issue if you’re only planning on using the binoculars in sunny, well-lit environments.

Binoculars will be more powerful if they’re strong, so it’s a good idea to pick a model that is durable, made out of strong material, and is waterproof and fog proof.

Ultimately, you shouldn’t be searching for the binoculars that have the ‘most power’. Instead, you should look for a model that best matches your needs and will help the most with your interests.

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Zeiss Conquest HD Binoculars – UK Review 2017 – 2018

Zeiss Conquest HD 8 x 32 Binocular, Black

If you’re looking to pull out all the stops for a high-end, powerful and ultra-modern viewing experience, the Zeiss Conquest HD may be what you’re looking for.

HD Lens

The Zeiss Conquest HD has been made with all of Germany’s latest technology to offer things other binoculars haven’t dreamed of yet.

The Zeiss Conquest HD (learn more here!) comes with a HD lens system which enhances colour so you can see vivid, life-like images from far away.

Slim Design

Featuring a slim, compact design, the Zeiss Conquest binoculars are easy to carry around and fit in your bag for no-nonsense transportation.

No one wants bulky, inconvenient binoculars that simply won’t fit, but you won’t have this problem with the Zeiss Conquest.


The Zeiss Conquest binoculars feature an aluminium body which can resist corrosion, while the rubber armouring ensures a non-slip grip which protects the binoculars from falling out of your hands.

This robust design was built to last, plus the life-time warranty protect you from any un-expected damages.


When exposed to the elements, binoculars are likely to attract water, dirt or other debris that can ruin your viewing and even damage the lens.

Luckily, the Zeiss Conquest binoculars use patented LotuTec lens coating which makes water simply roll off the lens.

Dirt is easy to remove thanks to the 0-rings which prevent dust, debris and other nasties from getting inside the binoculars and damaging your view.

Fog & Waterproof

The Zeiss Conquest binoculars include fog proof barrels which use nitrogen gas to remove internal fogging for easy viewing in adverse weather condition, while the lens coating repels water and the waterproof optics protect the lenses from damage.

Multi-Coated Lenses

Feature Fully Multi-coated lenses, these binoculars have a high aperture with anti-reflective coating to ensure strong, accurate images.

They also include Phase Correction, which enhances the resolution through the roof prisms for more vivid quality.

BaK- Prisms

These binoculars use BaK-4 Prisms Optimising technology, which increases light transmissions for stronger images even in low-light settings.

Centre Focus Wheel

No one wants a complicated focusing system, so the Zeiss Conquest contains a Center Focus Wheel which can adjust both binocular barrels instantaneously for quick adjustments.

Multi-Position Eyecups

Eyeglass wearers shouldn’t be at a disadvantage when wearing binoculars, so luckily the Zeiss Conquest contains Multi-position adjustable Eyecups which can be twisted up and down for comfortable use.

These binoculars can be adjusted to fit eyeglass wearers or simply moved into a comfortable position for the naked eye.

These glasses also contain right eye dioptre adjusting options, which allows you to adjust the binoculars to suit individual eyes.

Lifetime Warranty

The Zeiss Conquest binoculars come with a lifetime transferable warranty, which protects any Zeiss binocular that you purchase.

If that wasn’t good enough, the 5-year no fault policy which insures you against faults no matter what that fault might be.


Features: HD Lens – Compact –  Durable – Easy To Clean – Fogproof – Waterproof – Centre Focus Wheel –  BaK Prisms 0 Multi-Position Eyecups – Lifetime Warranty.

Pricing: High-End



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